Merthyr Tydfil CBC Consulting on Road Safety Plans for Schools

The Council is consulting residents about plans to make changes on the highway at two primary schools, due to road safety concerns.

Residents of Caedraw Road outside St Mary’s Catholic and Caedraw Primary schools have received letters asking them to take part in a survey, on proposals to create a better highway environment.

Concerns have been raised about road safety at the location due to the number of cars parking on pavements on a road that has 'access only' restrictions.

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If You’re Illegally Riding a Privately Owned E-scooter – STOP!

This summer, some people may be considering purchasing an e-scooter, which have become an increasingly common sight as people are still looking at alternatives to public transport or a way to reduce car use.

However, it is illegal to use a privately owned e-scooter on public roads, pavements or cycle paths. Road Safety Wales would like to advise anyone contemplating purchasing or using an e-scooter, that they risk being issued with a £300 fine, 6 penalty points on their driving licence and having the e-scooter seized.

Additionally, for any driver or motorcyclist that has passed their driving test in the last two years it could result in a driving disqualification and the need to re-take both the theory and practical driving test.

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UK Government launches country’s first ever investigation branch focused on road safety

The UK government will recruit a specialised team of inspectors to join the country’s first ever Road Safety Investigation Branch (RSIB), looking at how and why incidents happen and to provide real insight into how new technologies – such as self-driving and electric vehicles – can be rolled out on our roads. 

The branch will investigate themes in the causes of collisions, as well as specific incidents of concern, to learn valuable road safety lessons. It will make independent safety recommendations to organisations, such as government and police forces, to better shape the future of road safety policy and provide better, greener and safer journeys for people right across the country. 

The specialised unit will also provide vital insight into safety trends related to new and evolving technologies, which could include self-driving vehicles, e-scooters and electric vehicles (EVs), to ensure the country maintains some of the highest road safety standards in the world and exciting new technology is deployed safely. 

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New pilot scheme aims to help disabled people maintain mobility and independence

A new pilot scheme is being introduced this year to help disabled people access a parking space near their property if they don’t have a driveway.

Pembrokeshire County Council will be accepting applications for Disabled Persons Parking Places (DPPPs) from Monday 20th June for a six-week period.  

For the first year of the scheme a maximum of ten places will be available. If the pilot is a success, more places will be installed in the coming years and applicants who meet the criteria will go onto the waiting list if they are not successful this year.

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Progressing a Default 20mph Speed Limit for Communities Across Wales

The planned national 20mph speed limit for residential roads across Wales has moved a step nearer, with the laying of the legislative order which allows a vote to take place in the Senedd.

With strong cross-party support for a reduction to the speed limit on restricted roads across Wales from 30mph to 20mph, the change, which is anticipated to be introduced in September 2023, is intended to bring the following benefits:

  • a reduction in road collisions and their severity
  • more opportunities to walk and cycle in communities
  • improvements to health and wellbeing
  • safer residential streets; and
  • safeguarding the environment for future generations.

A 20mph default speed limit is a bold Welsh Government commitment to make cities, towns and villages in Wales safer and better places in which to live and work.

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Protect Your Pets

With the current high temperatures across Wales, people are being reminded to protect their pets and not leave them in hot vehicles.

Every year animals are harmed or die by being left alone in cars and vans during warmer weather, even for a very short while.

Rural Affairs Minister Lesley Griffiths is reminding people to protect their pets as temperatures hit higher figures.

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More Funding for Walking and Cycling in Swansea

Walking and cycling routes in Swansea are set to be expanded after Swansea Council secured millions in Welsh Government funding.

 The Council has received confirmation from the WG of more than £8 million of transport funding which will be invested in the city's growing walking and cycle network.

Part of the funding will also be used to improve main routes in the city for public transport, in a bid to improve bus services and speed up journeys for passengers.

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Conwy’s First Electric Recycling Truck

The first electric powered recycling truck has joined Conwy County Borough Council’s fleet of vehicles.

The Council’s waste team took delivery of the Welsh Government funded vehicle on 1st June 2022 and it completed its first recycling round in Llandudno.

The truck, supplied by Romaquip, can travel up to 100 miles between charges based on 180kwh and is quieter than traditional diesel-powered vehicles. It is the 17th electric vehicle in the Council’s fleet, which already includes electric grass cutters, vans and cars.

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Merthyr Tydfil Takes Clean Transport Strides with Tony’s Taxis and Green Fleet

A long-established Merthyr Tydfil taxi driver has become the first in the county borough to launch an electric vehicle service.

The Council is hoping that other proprietors will follow in the footsteps of Anthony Brown, who has run Tony’s Taxis and Minibus Hire for the past 20 years, and take advantage of an initiative to help them do so.

The Council’s Welsh Government-funded ‘Green Fleet’ Scheme is a ‘try before you buy’ programme which allows taxi drivers to ‘borrow’ a fully electric, wheelchair accessible vehicle for 30 days free of charge.

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Bridgend County Borough Council awarded Active Travel Fund grant of just over £5 million

Bridgend County Borough Council is delighted to have secured a grant worth just over £5 million as part of the Welsh Government’s Active Travel Fund.

The funding will benefit residents by creating safe and accessible cycling and walking routes which will encourage people to not be so reliant on cars.

This will also play a key part in helping Bridgend County Borough Council achieve its target of reaching net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

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