Book a Lift Not a Hearse

Students from Pembrokeshire College's Creative Media Course have once again been commended by the road safety team at Pembrokeshire County Council for their outstanding animations highlighting the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

Winner Robyn Clift called upon her artistic talent to remind everyone that they have choices on how to get home safely when drinking alcohol.

Her winning title aptly called ‘Come Home Safely’, graphically shows the consequences for the driver, their family and people around them if they drink and drive.

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Operation Close Pass in Wales

South Wales Police, South Wales Fire and Rescue Service and GoSafe launched Operation Close Pass at the 2018 Velothon Wales event. The Close Pass initiative aims to improve the safety of cyclists on the road by educating drivers in overtaking safely.

The Highway Code recommends that road users should give vulnerable road users, such as motorcyclists, cyclists and horse riders, the same amount of room as they would when overtaking a car – this is typically 1.5 metres.

Operation Close Pass deploys police officers on bicycles fitted with cameras to record the behaviour of drivers who overtake them. If an offence is detected, the officer contacts colleagues further down the road to direct the vehicle into a checkpoint where the driver will be offered roadside education from fire service colleagues using specially designed equipment to illustrates the safe passing distance.

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Don't Chance It, Change It

Don’t Chance It, Change It focuses on the message that it’s safer to change your motorcycle tyre than repair it, a sentiment supported by John McGuinness, Isle of Man TT legend. “There’s absolutely no chance that I would repair a tyre. To be honest, it wouldn’t even enter my head. I didn’t even know that you can repair a bike tyre,” he said in a video made especially for TyreSafe’s campaign.

TyreSafe’s latest video features an interview with John McGuinness who talks honestly and openly about his view of tyre safety for motorbikes. The campaign message Don’t chance it, change it focuses on the concerns around motorcyclists assuming that bike tyres are like car tyres and can be repaired without a second thought.

To support the campaign, TyreSafe has produced a new quick guide to motorcycle tyre safety as well as a refreshing its comprehensive A5 reference guide.

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Operation SNAP in Action

The Nicky Grist Stages, taking place on Saturday 14 July, is proud to continue its association with GoSafe – The Wales Road Casualty Reduction Partnership, which is encouraging rally fans to help make the roads of Wales safer by getting involved in Operation SNAP. The Nicky Grist Stages, GoSafe Partnership and Mid & West Wales Fire and Rescue Service came together for a special event, along with Osian Pryce and Nicky Grist, at the GoSafe headquarters this week.

The initiative is a response to increasing submissions of video and photographic evidence relating to driving offences that members of the public have witnessed. Until recently, these reports have been submitted to the police in all sorts of ways and so a streamlined on-line process has now been developed through to deal with them – dramatically reducing valuable police time by making it easier to collect and assess evidence.

The rally event is also proud to help raise awareness of the Fatal 5, an all-Wales initiative which focusses on the five main causes of road traffic collisions and injuries in Wales – speed, driving while impaired through alcohol and/or drugs, use of mobile phones, the non-use seatbelts and careless driving.

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Cruz Cymru

More than 3,000 people attended the second edition of a road safety event in Wales, which has been described by the organisers as a ‘roaring success’.

Organised by the Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service (FRS), Cruz Cymru took place on 9 June and provided the opportunity for road users, emergency services and road safety partners to meet in one place at the same time.

The event was supported by GoSafe, Road Safety Wales Partners and Dyfed Powys Police and focused on the ‘biggest factors that cause accidents’ on roads in Wales, collectively known as the ‘FATAL 5’ – speeding, alcohol/drugs, mobile phones, seat belts and careless driving.

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Virtual Reality Film Aims to Improve Safety for Horses and Riders

The British Horse Society has launched a new virtual reality film to raise awareness of the safety issues horse riders face on the roads.

The film, which forms part of the BHS’ ongoing Dead Slow campaign, aims to give drivers first-hand experience of how it feels to be riding a horse when a car passes either too fast or too close.

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Dangerous Vehicles and Loads Taken Off the Road

A major operation has seen a number of dangerous vehicles and loads stopped on a Mid Wales road.

The Dyfed-Powys Police specialist roads policing unit, based in Newtown, teamed up with the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency and HM Customs to carry out random checks throughout Monday on the Welshpool bypass.

A number of vehicles were stopped for breaking the law in various ways, and officers have issued a warning to other road users in the area.

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Road Safety Wales Awards 2018

The Road Safety Wales Awards recognises individuals, groups and organisations that have made a real commitment to road safety, above and beyond what would normally be expected of them.

The winners this year included a Sustrans volunteer, an enforcement team, and the organisers of active travel and motorcycle events in Wales. The recipients were invited to attend the Road Safety Wales Conference in Llandrindod Wells where they were presented with their awards by Teresa Ciano, Chair of Road Safety Wales.

Speaking at the event, Teresa said: "The Road Safety Wales Awards recognise the good road safety practice, innovative projects and personal contributions being undertaken in Wales.

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Road Safety Wales Conference 2018

Road safety professionals from across Wales met at the Road Safety Wales Conference at the Metropole Hotel in Llandrindod Wells on 19th June. This annual event, which is free to member organisations, explores key road safety topics, advances in technology, and provides a valuable networking opportunity.

Speakers for the morning session were:

  • Lyn Morris of Carmarthenshire Road Safety - Horsin’ Around on the Road
  • Alan Hiscox from British Horse Society – Safer Drivers, Safer Riders, Safer Horses
  • Russell Whitehouse, First Car – Introducing the First Car Academy
  • Neil Davies of South Wales Fire and Rescue Service - UKRO 2018, Cardiff
  • Anne-Marie Penny, Highways England – Work Related Road Safety, The Captive Audience

The afternoon sessions highlighted the varied enforcement work being carried out across Wales with:

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Month Long Drink/Drug Drive Campaign

Welsh Police forces have launched a month long campaign to reduce the number of drivers putting themselves and others at risk by driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

Led by South Wales Police, the campaign will see increased resources on the roads across Wales.

In the last 50 years, road casualties caused by drink driving have fallen dramatically- this is due to change in attitude regarding drink driving and also the improvements in technology and processes by the Police.  However according to the Department for Transport there has been a six-fold increase in the number of people caught drug-driving across the UK.

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