Ceredigion on top with EV charging point provision

You can now choose from 112 charging points across Ceredigion to charge your electric vehicle.

76 of these are provided by Ceredigion County Council in 18 different locations, including Council car parks.

Following the successful delivery of two phases of EV infrastructure installations in Ceredigion County Council car parks, the county now has the highest number of EV charging points per 100,000 population for the public to use across the whole of Wales.

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Road Safety Wales is promoting the Dutch Reach

Dutch Reach is a simple yet effective technique to prevent 'dooring' - a dreaded and all too common collision, caused when people exiting a vehicle suddenly open a door into the path of a cyclist, or another vulnerable road user.

As active travel increases, safer interaction between vehicles and bicycles is reliant on co-operation and a greater awareness from drivers regarding the presence of less protected road users.

Road Safety Wales is promoting the Dutch Reach, asking drivers and passengers to get into the habit of reaching across to the vehicle’s door with their far hand to open it.

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Officers target anti-social drivers in Pwllheli

Gwynedd officers are stepping up patrols to target anti-social driving in Pwllheli. Regular high visibility patrols are taking place in the area during the evenings and overnight at hotpot areas of anti-social behaviour, including the Maes, the Cob and various car parks in surrounding areas.

Officers will deal with anyone found to be behaving in an antisocial manner or in breach of traffic related offences, including the use of warnings, fines, traffic offence reports or, if necessary, seizures and arrests. Roadside breath checks will also be conducted.

Sergeant Simon Barlow said, “We’ve received a number of reports from residents sharing their concerns around the manner of dangerous driving in the Pwllheli area.

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20mph in 20 seconds competition

What benefits will the new 20mph speed limit in Wales bring to you, your family and your neighbourhood?

To highlight the introduction of the default 20mph speed limit in built up areas in Wales from 17th September 2023, Road Safety Wales would like to invite organisations such as colleges and youth groups to enter a new social media competition.

We are asking people aged 16-24 in Wales to record a 20-second video to share their thoughts on the benefits the new lower speed limit will bring to them, their family and their neighbourhood.
Background information can be found here:

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Driving within a 20mph limit

The Welsh Government’s introduction of a default 20mph speed limit on restricted roads across Wales comes into force from today (17th September 2023).

The success of this ambitious national scheme, the first its kind in the UK is dependent on motorists’ awareness and compliance.

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Noa's art to highlight the new 20mph default speed limit

A Gwynedd school pupil will have his artwork displayed on roadsides near schools across Wales to encourage drivers to respect the new 20mph default speed limit on most 30mph streets in Wales, from Sunday 17 September.

A Welsh Government and Road Safety Wales competition earlier this year captured the imagination of more than 2,000 talented young artists. Pupils in Year 5 to Year 8, in primary and secondary schools across Wales, were challenged to create designs.

Eminent graphic designer and creator of many timeless UK road signs, Margaret Calvert, was amongst the judging panel which chose a design by Noa Williams, now in Year 8 at Ysgol Ardudwy, in Gwynedd, as the overall winner.

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Holywell safe routes to schools – have your say!

Flintshire County Council is seeking the views of local residents on proposals to implement Active Travel (walking and cycling) infrastructure on two routes within Holywell.

  • Route 1 serves Ysgol Gwenffrwd County Primary School and St Winefride’s Catholic Primary School.
  • Route 2 serves Ysgol Treffynnon and Ysgol Maes Y Felin.

The proposals are informed by a study undertaken by consultants during 2022 which identified key routes to each school based on where pupils live as well as site visits, observations of issues faced by people walking and cycling, and discussions with some of the schools.

There are two ways people can share their views and opinions:

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Enjoy the 2023 Rugby World Cup Safely

Before the start of the 2023 Rugby World Cup, Road Safety Wales is reminding people to plan ahead if they intend to drink alcohol.

If you are drinking alcohol when watching the games, live in France, or in a bar or club, please make arrangements to get home without driving, before you go out. This could be by saving the telephone number for a local taxi in your phone, finding out times of public transport or arranging a lift with someone sober. 

Apart from the risk of causing a collision, an injury or even a fatality, the penalties for drink driving can be life-changing. You could be imprisoned, banned from driving and face a fine if you’re found guilty. If you drive as part of your job, this could seriously affect your work prospects for many years to come.

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First Minister sees positive impact 20mph is having in St Brides Major

With just 10 days to go before the default 20mph speed limit will be introduced across Wales, the First Minister met business owners, parents and school children in St Brides Major, in the Vale of Glamorgan.

Wales will become the first part of the UK to introduce a nationwide 20mph speed limit as most residential roads, which currently have a 30mph speed limit, switch to 20mph on Sunday, September 17.

St Brides Major was one of the first trial sites for the 20mph speed limit.

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More School Streets in place for start of new school term

Cardiff Council's School Streets scheme is to be expanded this September, with three new locations added to the scheme.

School Streets are areas around school entrances that are closed to vehicles during peak drop-off and pick-up times and are selected as part of the scheme, if they regularly experience problems with traffic and parking during school drop off and pick up times.

By closing the streets to general traffic for a short period in the morning and afternoon during term time, helps children to access school safely, reduces air pollution and supports families to actively travel to and from school.

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